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Your Action Plan

In your next appointment you will receive an Action Plan to provide you with strategies to move you towards achieving your goals.

We will explain to you the results of your Initial Assessment including any examinations you may have had such as computer analysis of your posture, balance and/or walking. This information provides both you and us with a platform to create specific strategies to address the issues we need to. An Action Plan will be designed that will include:

  • Exercises to improve muscle strength and flexibility

Upper and lower body

Posture and balance

  • Options to address joint limitations

Mobilisation and manipulation of foot and ankle joints

Home joint mobility program

Soft comfort foot orthotics to redistribute pressure off prominent joints

Medically prescribed footwear to aid with mobility

  • Exercises to improve cardiovascular fitness

A monthly program of walking with varying levels of intensity, building each week.

Utilising Nordic Walking Technique where appropriate. (This technique will be altered according to your level of ability)

  • Program for reviewing your progress

Your individual Action Plan containing this information can be securely available on this website under the My Profile tab, using your personal logon. Some specific complex issues may need referral to another health professional to address that particular issue, as part of your Action Plan. We will closely work with other health professionals to ensure they are also working to your Action Plan.