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 Soft latex Foot Orthotics are prescribed for the individual and are designed to redistribute weight effectively off painful areas of high pressure, ensuring that the areas the weight will be transferred to are able to cope with the increased stress. They are made from materials such as latex that absorb shock to protect the tissues and make walking much more comfortable, often with covering material that is designed to mould around high pressure areas and take pressure off the prominent and painful joints often seen with arthritis.

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The prescription of Corrective orthotics aims to restore your foot’s function back to as close to normal as possible. The design features encourage your body weight to move through the foot so it is in the right place at the right time, so forces are normalised through the structures that are designed to take them.  The joints, muscles and tendons are aligned to work optimally which will  enhance the function of the feet, ankles, knees and legs when the body is placed under high stress such as occurs in sporting activity.

These orthotics can be made from a large range of materials, depending on the required use, shoe type, the level of correction you require and your body’s requirements.

Making your orthotics

In the past the actual dimensions of your foot (the shape or profile of the underneath of your foot including the arch) was captured using a plaster cast. We now use new technology that captures your foot digitally allowing the computer software to generate a 3d model. The advantage of this, apart from the lack of mess, is that we can see the model of your foot immediately and capture another if the foot model is not exactly how we want it. Once we are happy with the model, it is imported into the CAD software as an important component to the orthotic design process.