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The Australian Walking Clinic offers training in correct Nordic Walking technique with our fully qualified and Internationally acredited instructors.

Private and semi-private Instruction

Private sessions run for approximately 30 minutes, and will cost the same as a regular podiatry session - please call us to find out how you can claim this on your private health insurance. Your session will not include more than 2 other participants, ensuring that you get the most out of the session.

Poles will be provided for your training session, but you will need to provide us with your height in cm when booking your first session so we can ensure we have the appropriate poles available to you.
You will need to wear comfortable clothing and sneakers/runners (no hiking boots etc please!).

To book a session, please call us on 03 5223 1531 and we will schedule a time to suit you and will email or send you the appropriate enrolment forms. The information you provide helps us understand your current health status and challenges, and what goals you want to achieve in a time frame that fits your lifestyle.
We ask you to return these forms so we can assess any potential health issues. If you have any health issues which may impact on your body’s mobility it may be more beneficial for you to first have an Initial Assessment with the Australian Walking Clinic. 

Five week Group classes

Nordic Walking Geelong is our group course program which run periodically during the year for a one hour per week session for 5 weeks. The course allows participants to get involved and learn the basic Nordic Walking technique. With plenty of time to practice under the supervision of our qualified instructors, you will feel confident in your ability to participate in Nordic Walking safely and effectively. To participate in the Nordic Walking Course you need to be able to walk 100m without a walking aid.

For course details click here: Nordic Walking Courses

Poles hire is included in the cost of the Nordic Walking course. 
You will need to wear comfortable clothing and sneakers/runners (no hiking boots etc please!).

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future!