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Go Walking!

Walking helps you maintain a healthy weight, improve fitness and reduce the risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, type II diabetes, and osteoporosis.

If you have arthritis, walking will increase your strength and flexibility, reduce joint pain, and help combat fatigue.

If you have diabetes, walking regularly will lower your blood glucose levels and improve the action of insulin in your body.

Regular walking is also recommended if you have a heart condition, and for weight loss, mental and physical fitness, rehabilitation after injury or stroke and in cancer recovery.

The problem is however, that for many people, walking is quite simply, a pain in the neck …
back, hips, knees, shins or feet!

So, even if you are motivated, your body might need some help to get you going.

The Australian Walking Clinic has two major programs designed to help everyone reach their walking potential:

If you have a medical condition which limits your mobility and affects your ability to walk.

If you need to walk for your health but find it difficult to do so.


The Australian Walking Clinic is a clinic of TOTAL CARE PODIATRY