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Chung Shi AuBioMo® Footwear - Automatic Biomechanically Correct Movement

The Action Plan developed for you at The Australian Walking Clinic may include prescribing Chung Shi AuBioMo® footwear. Clients of the Australian Walking Clinic are provided with the opportunity to trial this footwear at home for one week, for no charge or obligation, to ensure that your body will accept the correction and the shoes are providing the desired therapeutic benefit.

Chung Shi AuBioMo footwear® is a unique design concept of flowing motion which supports the natural rolling movement of the foot as you walk. The shoe sole works in combination with the natural roll of the midfoot to guide the wearer automatically into a healthy gait that is biomechanically correct. Wearing the AuBioMo® system shoe enables you to sense the individual phases of your walking motion in total comfort. Without being aware of it you gradually develop a more confident gait.

We only offer the AuBioMo® model of Chung Shi shoes as they are medically designed to address three main factors:

  • Joint limitation
  • Correct weight transference
  • Muscle imbalance and poor posture.

These shoes are not available as an over the counter purchase, unless you have previously been wearing them successfully.  This footwear can be of great benefit and make a significant difference in the way the foot and leg works and we have found them to be a powerful treatment option. However, as these shoes change an individual’s gait pattern, we have found it most helpful to include them in an overall treatment strategy to get the very best outcome. These shoes are not designed or intended to be toning shoes, or to be used as a weight loss plan, as claimed by other rocker shoe designs.


Medical Grade, extra depth and width Footwear

The Action Plan developed for you at The Australian Walking Clinic may include prescribing medical grade footwear, particularly if you have difficulty buying shoes which fit you correctly. This may be because you have feet which are wider and shorter, or longer and more narrow, than standard off the shelf footwear.

The Australian Walking Clinic provides a free footwear fitting appointment with our trained fitting specialist to ensure the shoes are fitted and prescribed correctly. The shoes are then ordered specifically for you and issued at a free fitting appointment to ensure they are correct. 

Wearing shoes that fit correctly is essential to prevent foot problems. Poorly fitting shoes can create pressure areas, blisters, calluses and corns, as well as muscle aches and pain.


Footwear advice

For those people who do not require specialised footwear, your current footwear will be assessed for suitability and fit. If new shoes are required, we will, in your Action Plan, provide you with recommendations of the most suitable walking shoes based on your Initial Assessment.

ASICS Oceania ventured into a collaborative research project with the University of Melbourne* to see if a shoe could be designed to help those suffering from knee osteoarthritis (OA) or those at risk of the disease.

 ASIC GEL -MELBOURNE WALKER MENS.PNG.JPG        ASIC GEL-MELBOURNE WALKER LADIES.PNG.JPG The result, was the launch in 2012 of the Gel-Melbourne Walker.