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Your Initial Assessment

When you make your first appointment at the Australian Walking Clinic you will be asked to complete a detailed Client Health Profile which will help us to design an Action Plan which will help you reach your walking potential. To give you plenty of time to complete these forms, we will email or post them out to you.

The information you provide helps us understand your current health status and challenges, and what goals you want to achieve in a time frame that fits your lifestyle. This will be used as the start point of your Initial Assessment when we will assess your present health profile and gain the information required for detailed analysis.

Your Initial Assessment will include a discussion with you to focus on the information included in your client health profile. Depending on your condition you may also have the following examinations:

  • An evidence based, non-weight bearing and weight bearing examination of your biomechanics, including joint mobility, and muscle flexibility and strength testing.
  • Assessment of the timing and pressure characteristics of your walking pattern utilising our 4m plantar pressure mat.
  • Assessment of your balance and posture using the pressure mat and computer analysis.
  • Assessment of your current footwear, orthotics or braces.

INITIAL_ASSESSMENT.JPGIn your next appointment you will receive  an Action Plan to provide you with strategies to move you towards achieving your goals.